Roulette strategies and betting systems

Roulette strategies listed on this page help you improve your chances of winning. These were personally tested by us and evaluated as profitable. Those games you can in best casinos online.  We also recommend that you always use a betting system while playing. This can easily be combined with any strategy. Below we explain how such betting systems as Paroli or D’Alembert are used in roulette.

The best roulette strategies

Roulette has always been the casino’s most popular gambling game and will likely stay forever. However, roulette is also a very insidious, seductive game that you have to know well if you really want to win a lot of money.

There is a reason why roulette is not played professionally. Unlike poker or blackjack you do not have much influence on the course of a round, so you depend on the one hand on luck, and on the other hand must pay attention to your own self-discipline.

That’s why many online casino roulette strategies have evolved that are not so much about the actual game as managing your bankroll, which means using your money to minimize losses and maximize profits ,

The problem with the roulette strategy

Anyone who has ever tried to find a suitable roulette strategy online has certainly discovered many useless and even harmful tips and tricks. Countless websites and so-called experts talk shop about the best profit systems and betting frequencies; about how one could play the online casino by mistake in the system; or that it is possible to win almost automatically at roulette with a clever strategy.

But you will not find that here. Yes, betting systems (such as the famous Fibonacci sequence or the even more complicated Oscar’s Grind system) can be helpful, but they are not valid strategies for a casino game. We do not want to make you false promises, but explain why roulette is difficult, why a strategy has to be well used, and what we are dealing with in the game.

Why use a roulette strategy at all?

A roulette strategy has two facets. On the one hand, with a good strategy you can programmatically control your bankroll, which is helpful if you want to maximize your achievements. On the other hand, a roulette strategy is about increasing your chances of winning in the short-term game. This is the important and special sticking point to a strategy.

In our discussion of possible roulette strategies, we want to exclude the betting systems. We’ve already covered the pros and cons of each betting system elsewhere, and think that it’s time we just focused on the actual strategies we know in roulette. Unfortunately, not many of them exist.

Does that mean there are no “real” roulette strategies? Yes, there are real roulette strategies. However, we advise our readers to remain mindful, because even with a strategy, roulette is and remains a very random game that is more fun and thrilling than a regular income.

But enough warning – we now want to familiarize you with some online casino roulette strategies. Remember, as always, that you should try them in the free game simulators before you use real money!

Roulette Strategy Basics

James Bond Strategy

Everyone knows James Bond and his casino stories; Roulette is definitely one of the favorite games of the British secret agent, of course, next to Baccarat.

For the James Bond strategy, you first set a total that you want to bet – that can be endlessly high or low, depending on your budget.

Then you have to follow only three steps (the following numbers are adapted to a total of 200 euros):

One sets 140 euros on all numbers between 19 and 36.
You place 50 euros on all numbers between 13 and 18.
You put 10 euros to zero.
With this betting method you can cover a lot of numbers.

At a sale of 200 euros, you win as follows:

80 euros between 19 and 36.
100 euros between 13 and 18.
160 euros at zero.
0 euros between 1 and 12.
You can combine the Bond strategy with a progressive strategy like Martingale to make up for its losses. But of course the bankroll has to play along.

The fast roulette strategy

This strategy is very simple and it can bring you good profits – but it is also very risky. For this strategy, look at the marked dozens (the dozens) on the board.

We put on the first and third dozen each 25 units.
If you win, you bet the same 2 bets by 11 units.
In another win, you play the first and second dozen by another 17 units.
If you have done all three steps, you win 52 €.
Statistically, three wins are possible consecutively under such wagering conditions. If you lose, you should change your table or take a break.

The mathematical roulette strategy

Also roulette is subject to the laws of statistics and probability. So the probability to hit a certain number is 1/37. This means that in a whole game cycle only 24 numbers can be hit once or several times; the other 13 are unlikely.

With this statistical observation, the following strategy was developed.

Watch 30 roulette spins and collect stats. It is likely that 13 or 14 numbers were hit once, 5 or 6 twice and 16 or 17 not once.
Set the number of game rounds. For this you take a number you want to bet on and divide it by the remaining value (so we take the 5 that has been hit twice, divide 35 by 5 and get 7).
We bet evenly on 5 numbers that we chose. If we do not win after seven rounds, we end the session and start again.

The Columns & Dozen Roulette Strategy

The roulette field consists of dozens and columns.

There are three “dozens” in the field, each with 12 numbers.

Dozen: 1-12
Dozen: 13-24
Dozen: 25-36
These run across the field and are easy to remember. The columns, however, are not so easy to remember. They walk down the field vertically.

Column: 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34;
Column: 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32, 35;
Column: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36.

Option 1:
You observe about 10 rounds to assess which column or which dozen appears the most. You also bet on 2 columns or 2 dozens. With this method we cover ⅔ of the field. The odds are then at 66%.

Option 2:
We bet on 2 columns and 2 dozens at the same time. Only 4 cells and the zero is not betted. With this method, the odds are about 86%.

This strategy is great for longer games and a small bankroll. However, one should definitely be able to keep track of his bets and bets. This roulette strategy is seductive, but also exhausting.

It is hardly suitable for a joyful roulette game, but rather for a meticulous betting. Therefore, we advise against it, because the roulette is all about having fun. Whoever comes into play with a different attitude will probably be disappointed.

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